Thoughts on Father’s Day

June 15th is Father’s Day but it’s not being celebrated like it should be. June 15th is labeled as “Mother’s Day pt.2”, which to me is not right. I understand that there are mothers taking the role of both mother and father but the fathers that are working hard for their family or just being a great dad in general should have a whole day to enjoy themselves being a father. There are two different “days” for a reason, Mother’s Day for mothers and Father’s Day for fathers. I have one question: Why is it that on Mother’s Day you don’t see Father’s playing the role of the mother? How would you feel then when Mother’s Day turns into Father’s Day and on Father’s Day more dads get recognized. This Sunday really made me mad and the fun was took out of it because of “Mother’s Day pt. 2”. ~NaturalViibes~

Being 13 

Even though I haven’t been 13 long I understand what it means to be mature. When I mean mature I don’t mean “mature” like some other 13 year old girls are. I’m seeing girls dating 15 and 16 year old boys when there 13. I’m seeing how there wearing short dresses, skirts, and shorts like it’s cute. When I turned 13 I didn’t have that on my list and I still don’t. It’s really bothering me to be honest, I’m not thinking about boys because I have an education to worry about. Being 13 labels you as a teenager not “fast” or “grown”. It’s been bothering me for some time and I feel like it’s the time to tell everyone how I feel about it. I’m seeing girls getting talked about on social media because they are 13 and grown. Sometimes I wish our generation was better at times, but I have to realize it’s just the people in it. ~NaturalViibes~